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NextGen Fund Consulting is dedicated to propelling financial institutions to the forefront of the asset management industry.  We specialize in cutting-edge financial products and strategies, particularly innovative ETF offerings.  

Our tailored consulting services are designed to ensure your product development initiatives are strategically positioned to optimize asset growth from inception through execution.  We offer a range of consulting services to guide clients through new fund launches (ETFs, mutual funds, interval funds, CITs and UCITs), ETF share class and hybrid fund initiatives, product rationalization, and ETF and mutual fund conversions/reorganizations.  

NextGen Fund Consulting was founded by industry veteran Aisha Hunt and is a sister company to Kelley Hunt, an asset management law firm.

Client Testimonials

Alexander Morris

Chief Executive Officer, F/m Investments

Habib Moudachirou

Co - Founder & Chief Investment Officer, V - Square Quantitative Management

Matthew Bielski

Chairman, Defiance ETFs

Working with Aisha directly complements our strategic approach. Her extensive industry knowledge and regulatory expertise have been essential in guiding our ETF share class initiative. Aisha’s insights are invaluable for any asset manager looking to advance their product development initiatives in today’s competitive market.


I have worked with Aisha for many years, first as a colleague at Vident Investment Advisory, and now as a client with my investment firm V - Square Quantitative Management. This, in itself, is a strong testament to the appreciation of the wealth of talent, knowledge, expertise, and experience that I always enjoy in my interactions with Aisha, in both the mutual fund world and the ETF landscape. And beyond everything, her commendable business acumen, and deep understanding of it, help drive home the projects in an efficient manner.

Collaborating with Aisha has integrated her invaluable expertise into our strategic team. Her insights and innovative perspectives have been integral in navigating complex regulatory and market dynamics, making her an essential asset to any executive team focused on elevating their asset management strategy and achieving substantial growth.

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